• About Shirley Brown

    Life Is an Adventure!

    I love the adventure that life is! My life has been filled with explorations and trips that have shape who I am and what I offer to every person I work with.


    One important experience occurred when I was 23. I visited three prison facilities: a mental institution, sex offender's facility and a maximum security penitentiary. I was struck by how these men had dealt with difficult circumstances all their lives. I began a life-long inquiry into what has us do what we do and how to take our lives in directions that are fulfilling and satisfying.

    My Mentors and Teachers

    This pursuit led me to work with some remarkable human beings. One of them was Werner Erhard, who is credited as being the grandfather of Life Coaching (Coaching for Transformation). While working with Werner I learned the power of listening. Through training, practice and coaching, I learned how to hear what people were saying versus my interpretation of what they were saying. I began to understand that when you listen purely to what another person is saying you can hear their world; their dreams, desires, frustrations, and doubts.  You can hear it all.  Listening this way is the biggest gift I have ever received and is a gift I gladly give to others. It is a cornerstone of what I provide for my clients.

    The Love of Making Things Happen

    Another cornerstone of my work is how to provide an idea with enough structure to make it a reality. New ideas are wonderful but an idea without action and structure remains just a dream. Furthermore, when life’s dreams go unfulfilled people eventually become resigned and stop dreaming all together.

    Cultural Awareness

    A crucial experience in my life was an adventure to Rome, Italy! What I believed would be a six-month visit turned into ten years, a husband, Italian family, and two beautiful children. In Rome I worked for The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Through this work I was not only exposed to the Italian culture and way of life, I was also exposed to many other world cultures through my UN colleagues. I learned the importance of cultural awareness and acceptance; I became a citizen of the world instead of just an American.

    Answering The Call to Lead

    After ten years in Rome I moved back to the United States with my family and began leading courses for an international education organization. Combining my ability to listen, create structures for the fulfillment of ideas, and my new understanding the influence of culture, I learned to lead and design transformational programs for individuals and groups up to 120 people. This work solidified my belief that every person has a reason for being in this world and only he or she has the ability to identify that purpose. I don’t have the answers for anyone but myself, but I can be a guide for others.

    Following What Is Next

    After more than eight years leading these programs I began developing my own body of work through the exploration of various modalities for coaching and transformational trainings. In 2012 I developed a group coaching program "Waking Vision ~ Fulfilling Action" as well as other programs.


    In 2017 I began exploring how it is that my work could make the biggest difference possible for women, their voices and the leadership that they provide in the world. I became increasing interested in women who face the daily experience of pushing against the status quo. From this my work began to move towards working with women visionaries as well as women who perhaps never thought or they forgot that their voice matters.


    In January of 2018 with a team of supporters, I launched Unapologetically You a podcast for the unique voice of every woman. www.unapologeticallyliving.com

    My Purpose and Commitment

    The adventure of my life continues and it is steadily guided by a purpose of empowering the voice of women and having that voice bring about a new world where balance between men and women exists. Where each gender (and all genders) are respected and honored for the working of the whole.


    To this end, I believe that everyone has a purpose that is uniquely theirs. A calling that whispers without fail. My purpose and commitment is to provide the conversations in dialogue that allow women to not only hear that whisper but to step, by step follow it, growing and expanding who they know themselves to be along the way.


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